About us

From a background of seafood catching and processing over decades in five States we became involved with the Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Farming Industry from its initial commercial production season. Don was the first Production Manager of Tassal Ltd responsible for all Salmon Processing including Smoking. From there to Managing Tasmanian Smokehouse and then establishing our own "Bruny Island Smokehouse" in 1990. We concentrated on the top end of the market and distributed out prestigious products throughout the Eastern States as well as producing "Safcol" brand Smoked Salmon sold Australia wide.


We conceived and developed our Signature "whiskey Cured" Smoked Salmon and "Cold Smoked Semi Dried Tomatoes" in 1991 and have produced and sold them since. In 1996 we sold our business in Tasmania to Petuna Seafoods who still produce "Whiskey Cured" from our recipe as do other Operators I set up, or who tried to copy it. Ours of course is the "Original" and the hands on care which we work gives us "the edge". Jean makes out Gravlaks to a Norwegian recipe passed on to us by Norwegian Salmon farming boffins. Chefs we have supplied include Tetsuyu Wakuda, Stephanie Alexander, Peter Doyle, David Coomer, Aristos, Phillip Johnson and many other household names. Don worked with Tetsuyu to develop his special Ocean Trout "light cure and smoke" and Ocean Trout is still a favourite product of ours. As well as Smoked Salmonids for which we are best known (along with the iconic Colos Smoked Tomatoes) we also smoke other fish and seafoods seasonally along with Smoked Chickens and Chicken Fillet, Smoked Duck Breast, Pastrami etc. Our difference is that everything we do we use traditional artisanal methods with minimal additives. (Used only where essential for food safety)


Cooking writer Margaret Johnson talks to the father of Australia's

fish-somking industry



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